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Package Sizes
Is it really necessary to send a compact from Artistry in a box of several thousand times the volume with enough starch peanuts to feed a small country?


Just one, slightly exaggerated example, but in my market, I have seen what appears to be way over-accommodating packing methods.

Anyone experience the same or know why it might be?

Would it be faster/safer/cheaper/"greener" to use more size-appropriate packaging?
Amway North America actually got highlighted a year or two back for being one of the best at packaging to appropriate size.


Which, as per our other discussion, doesn't mean there's not room for improvement!
Awesome info, IBOFB! Thanks!

Might just be a fluke...
Wearyeyed Wrote:Awesome info, IBOFB! Thanks!

Might just be a fluke...

It's isn't a fluke. Don't EVEN get me started. Rolleyes

The last reason I was given was that is was actually cheaper for them to send stuff in those sized boxes.

But, crazily, I recently received, for the first time ever, three bottles of supplements in a padded envelope. So who knows what's going on...
Whenever I have asked, I was told that they save money because they only keep two sizes of boxes and they can stack/ship easier with them all being the same dimensions. It would be great to see items coming in padded envelopes though...

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