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Glister - flip top lids!
I've been wanting this since I joined Amway. Glister is the best toothpaste on the market, but I'm always dropping or losing the screw top lid! Many competitors have had flip top lids for years .... can we have one too please Amway? :beg:
I agree - I was doing a bit of DIY plumbing recently for a friend who also uses Glister and on clearing the blocked pipe found two Glister lids :blink: :blackeye:
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YES! I am dying for this! Hubby leaves the lids off and therefore I am always cleaning glister off my counters! :lol:
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A couple of years ago, the U.S. switched to flip tops. But over the last year, they've reverted back to the screw tops. Confusedcratch:
Same in Canada

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