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$12 billion in 2012
Wearyeyed Wrote:
Bridgett Wrote:Oh, and let's not forget the $150,000 Emerald and $500,000 Diamond bonuses that the Corp is now offering. Those are mighty big carrots to dangle--particularly if the rest of your Amway money is crappy because you're stacking. :doh:

Okay, OKAY!

I got it...but be careful, or you start to sound like my mom!
I AGREE THERE IS ALWAYS OPPORTUNITY FOR ABUSE DUE TO PROFIT (the size of the carrot), ... but let's not be so "anti-profit"... Wink

Oh, I am SO for-profit. I just wanna make sure those bonuses are still there when I'm an Emerarld and a Diamond, and are NOT taken away beforehand because of idiotic IBOs.

This is the suggestion box, right? Hey Amway, please put some extra stipulations in there for those bonuses. There was a reason why you HAD (past tense) to qualify for two years, rather than one, for them. :grin:
superseiyan Wrote:
Bridgett Wrote:
superseiyan Wrote:Bridgett, we still get WWDB CDs, do you guys still get BWW CDs?

WWDB hasn't gotten BWW CDs since 1997 or 1998.

This is interesting and I wonder why the vice versa isn't so.

Our silvers automatcially get all WWDB CDs, plus your library is available for any of us to order from our uplines.

I think it's downright bizarre that you guys get all our stuff. I remember several years ago when, going to an WWDB FED in Minnesota, where BWWers could "plug in" and getting in to a conversation with a Britt person and becoming aware that they knew ALL the WWDB audios.

And they being surprised that I had no clue of any of their audios, or Diamonds or anything.

If you asked a WWDB IBO post 2003 (the last FED in which the Britt's plugged in) they wouldn't even know who Bill Britt is, let alone any of the Britt Diamonds.

That's why FEDs for me in the beginning were so bizarre, unsettling, goofy, because it was the only function that wasn't "pure-WWDB." I remember my sponsor, smartly, warning my husband and me before we went to our first one. i really think I would have been blown out, completely turned off, if she didn't take the time to explain the situation.

All that to say, it also leads to the very wrong assumption that WWDB and BWW are similar to each other. As an example (relative to this discussion), the fact that Ron Puryear himself has been teaching Ruby for the last few years, and that is THE teaching (not Diamond, or even Emerald) of WWDB, is majorly different from BWW's focus on "breaking pins."

And how can hearing our audios not cause confusion in BWW? To hear a bunch of audios about Rubies? And hearing Rubies on an FED panel discussion?

Is that why our WWDB audio library now has a "classics" section with a bunch of stuff from the 80s? To cater to the BWWers, when WWDB and BWW swapped speakers? Huh. I bet that's why...
superseiyan Wrote:
ajgannon Wrote:Bridgett,

Is stacking currently a problem? I'd be really surprised if anyone is doing this type of depth building, especially since the TEAM fiasco brought so much attention to it. Are your posts a warning, or a criticism of something that's happening now?

Well that's what we're debating in the later posts on this thread. Is tap-rooting as being taught in some systems essentially stacking? There's nothing officially called stacking around.

Tap-rooting, at least in WWDB, means helping your new IBO work one leg. But NOT by putting random people in their first leg. It means working depth in one leg.

What I mean is:

You sponsor IBO A.
You hold a meeting(s) (house plans or one-one ones) for IBO A.
IBO A, out of that meeting sponsors a few people (that they invited, that they know!)
You then do a meeting for the most excited of the people IBO A sponsors. We'll call that person IBO B

Out of that meeting you do for IBO B, IBO B sponsors a few people
You then do a meeting for the most excited of the people IBO B sponsors. We'll call that person IBO C

Out of that meeting you do for IBO C, IBO C sponsors a few people
You then do a meeting for the most excited of the people IBO C sponsors. We'll call that person IBO D

And on and on until you are ten deep in that leg. By that point, the idea is that that leg will be a 4,000 PV leg, on it's way to Platinum.

The thing is that not all these IBOs--A, B, C, D, E, etc, are all in one linear line. They are not all sponsored by each other. They could be, but not necessarily. They can branch off from each other.

And then, the idea is, that while you are doing this for IBO A (building a tap-root), IBO A is now working in his other legs he's sponsored, and finding new peeps to sponsor, and duplicating this tap-rooting in HIS IBO A's business.
superseiyan Wrote:Honestly, I tended to find the 20 PV checks confusing...

It's not confusing, it's just stupidly hard (or was) when no one is making any money and they are all quitting, and you're trying to replace a lost bonus check, let alone add to your number of bonus checks.

Frustrating to say the least! Smile

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