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Amway/Alticor 2009 sales data
Corp sales data is normally out by now, running a bit late this year. Any speculations as to what they will be?

We already know Amway India is up 25%.
Mid year Amway Russia was aiming to repeat 2008 sales - so no major growth there.
Amway Colombia was fastest growing at a crazy 115%

Can Amway China repeat 28% growth from 2008?

Currency fluctuations are going to make it a pain in the a** to do meaningful year-to-year comparisons as the US dollar was significantly stronger in 2009 compared to 2008, meaning sales could be up significantly but US dollar reporting down! :blink:

And is non-Amway revenue, such as eCoupled licencing and Gurwitch/Laura Mercer etc etc, going to become a more and more important factor in Alticor revenues?

Inquiring minds need (want) to know ......
Here is the data for Amway Ukraine: In 2009 Amway Ukraine increased its sales by 18% compared to 2008, and its total sales grew to over 1 billion UAH. The number of distributors increased by 15% and exceeded 250 thousand people.
that's about US$123 million, so not a big impacter but all adds up
Taipei, Nov. 4, 2009 (CENS)--Defying the economic downturn, Amway Taiwan Co., a leading multi-layer marketer, is expected this year to break the revenue record of NT$7.2 billion (US$218.18 million at US$1 = NT$33) posted in 1994, according toaccording to H.W. Chen, president of Amway Taiwan.
In recent years Amway Taiwan has posted double-digit annual growths in revenues. Last year its revenues grew to NT$6.4 billion (US$193.94 million) and are expected to jump to over NT$7.2 billion (US$218.18 million). Chen predicted that the figure might break NT$10 billion (US$303.03 million) within three years.
source: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Amway+Taiwan+to+see+record+revenue+this+year-a0212037187">http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Amway+Tai ... 0212037187</a><!-- m -->
That looks positive for Amway China too then!
ibofightback Wrote:That looks positive for Amway China too then!

And since Ireland is propping up the UK/ROI market we can add our bit to the Amway bank :cheers: :cheers: :yahoo: :yahoo:
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We were told by Amway Slovenia, that Amway did 5% growth last year on global scale
thanks, that comes to about US$8.62 billion

I'm guess that's a USD->USD growth, not a weighted average local currency growth.
Amway India full year revenue is INR 1407 Crores = INR 14.07 billion up from last year's figure INR 1128 Crores = INR 11.28 Billion [Take $ 1 = INR 46 and you can do the math for the USD figures].

Nutrilite also becomes the largest selling brand for Health and Nutrition products within India. In fact, I HEARD that in 2008 just the Nutrilite Protein Powder itself has done a business close to INR 300+ Crores = INR 3+ Billion.
A good source : http://www.scribd.com/doc/14869729/Nutri...t-in-India

Related Info:
Quote:Vitamins, dietsupplements market totouch Rs3,400 cr by2013
Amway has 16.9% market share, Dabur 11.8%, followed in the third spot by HeinzIndia. Ranbaxy Laboratories and Pfizer werein fourth position with 4.6% each


Among the supplement brands, the study rated Amway’s protein powderNutrilite, which had a sales of Rs330 crore last year, as the most popularbrand followed by Dabur Chyawanprash from Dabur India valued at Rs230crore.In combination dietary supplements, Himalaya Drug’s Liv 52 has been ratedas a top brand with sales of Rs64.9 crore.

Also, India will be one of the fastest growing market as 50% of the population is below 35 years of age ...

finetuner Wrote:Also, India will be one of the fastest growing market as 50% of the population is below 35 years of age ...


Sounds GREAT :good:
Especially for people building in India Big Grin
(When will I get a chance of doing that??) :dontknow:


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