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I just goggled frway.com and it came up on the search no problem - also the 'whois.domaintools.com/frway.com' is there :dontknow:
'The only way I can succeed in business is to proactively do something for 'MY BUSINESS' every day'
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frway Wrote:OK it's in French but you will understand the idea: I do not talk about Amway or products, no figures. It's just a first contact. :read: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.frway.com">http://www.frway.com</a><!-- m -->


Bienvenue sur ce forum. C'est interessant d'etre plusieurs a parler le francais. Le site est tres bien fait pour les approches de curiosité... Au canada, dans notre organisation nous avons un site semblable mais les prospects doivent avoir un mot de passe pour pouvoir accéder a l'information. Smile

Translation: Welcome on this forum. It is interesting to have more French people on this website. Your website is good for prospect approach. In my organisation we got something who look like it but it need a password for a prospect to have acces to the information. Smile
RW1 Wrote:I just goggled frway.com and it came up on the search no problem - also the 'whois.domaintools.com/frway.com' is there :dontknow:

You can also found this link when you use gogled frway.com : <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.emploi-vdi.com/recrutement/91220_opportunite_maignan.htm">http://www.emploi-vdi.com/recrutement/9 ... aignan.htm</a><!-- m --> on that site you will found some good information about frway. It look like he do the Amway businees since 1980 and he have an organisation of 150 IBO. Hope that he would be an active member of Amwaytalk forum. Big Grin

You will also understand that the picture at the 17 and last page of the <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.frway.com">http://www.frway.com</a><!-- m --> is his picture. So it is intersting that he can personnalize his prospect website.
I mean if you request "Amway" or "direct sale" or "income supplement" in French on google or another search engine, no chance of hitting frway, none of these keywords are there .You really know the exact name frway.com to find it.

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