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Monavie v. Xowii
This really struck a chord with me (excerpted from Ty's blog)

"Non-compete agreements were designed for high-level corporate employees, not for independent contractors," says Dallin Larsen, MonaVie founder and president.

Read more: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://nmarketers.com/network-gurus-speak/monavie-sues-xowii-monavie-ceo-dallin-larsen-loses-all-credibility/#ixzz0bBK8snX5">http://nmarketers.com/network-gurus-spe ... z0bBK8snX5</a><!-- m -->

While I believe that Amway should be able to make their rules, and IBOs need to follow those rules - this Larsen guy has a really good point. If IBOs are truly "independent" (and they ARE, considering how fast Amway distances themselves when one of 'em screws up - like Randy Haugen, for example....LOL!!) - then they should be free to have as many businesses as they like, IMO.

On the other hand, if you, as an MLM, allow your distributors to have other MLMs - then don't be surprised if they switch to another one if you're not doing a good enough job of supporting the downlines.
Ya, it's a tricky issue. We can probably come up with a whole list of pros and cons for both sides.

What if you're an Amway distributor and you also got excited about one of those pre-paid legal MLMs. (This is hypothetical. I'm not speaking from experience.) Pre-paid legal does not compete with any of Amway's products. But according to the rules, you can't offer the opportunity to your Amway group. It would be a neat way to superimpose a network on top of a network. However, the down side is that it may become a distraction, and people may backslide in their Amway businesses. Leaders on my support team like to quote Mike Murdock: "The number one cause of failure among men [and women] is broken focus."
I've suspected the "Non-compete" clause was something coming from the Systems?? God forbid anything would take away precious Tool and Function dollars......LOL!! Several people in our downline had multiple MLMs they were involved with, and quite frankly, I don't see a problem. Once a person becomes adept at building MLM businesses, I think it makes them stronger overall?? Even my Grandfather had a second MLM for a while (another one of the weird names: Yurika - pronounced Eureka!). They offered shelf-stable, non-canned foods - a completely-new concept back then. Of course, once foods were readily available at any grocery store that way - Yurika was no longer relevant.

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