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We've had a win!!!
Over on the discussion page about the MLM article on wikipedia I engaged in a civil discussion with a user, Arthur Rubin. If I recall correctly I've had some Amway related discussions with him on Wikipedia before.

Via my user page on Wikipedia, Arthur found his way to The Truth About Amway site and left a comment on the article The Internet War Against Amway - part II.

I mention in that article the problems I've had with Wikipedia, but also with DMOZ, a large human-edited website directory. Well, it appears that, unbeknowns to me, Arthur is an editor with DMOZ. After reading my articles and our discussion, he raised the issue of listing pro-Amway sites on DMOZ on their internal editor discussion boards. I'd previously been dismissed out of hand on the public forums - there would be no listing of pro-MLM sites.

Yesterday, The Truth About Amway appeared in the DMOZ listings for Amway!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

Thanks Arthur, much appreciated! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
By your title, I thought you were going to announce that Amway broke their losing streak and finally won one in the courtroom.
Why did I just know someone would say that Smile
Congrats IBOFB,

It's a victory. And any victory is good!
Wow, that's great IBOFB.

I don't fully understand what all this means, but it appears to be good news!

Thanks for all you do.

Big Grin
Reread The Interner War Against Amway posts and you'll get a better idea.

DMOZ is a human edited website directory that is open to be legally copied and used by anyone. There are probably tens of thousands of copies of the directory around the internet. They have an "amway/quixtar" category and an "amway/quixtar:opposing views" category. The later has a dozen or two negative websites listed. The former had just 4 corporate websites. I've been trying for a couple of years to get TTAA (and now others) listed, but in the public forums the editors said they had policy of not linking to sites promoting MLM. In reality the policy was not to link to reps sites promoting MLM and products (eg the personalised websites) which I think is fair enough - they'd have to deal with literally tens of thousands that may come and go and don't actually add any knowledge.

TTAA, AmwayWatch, AmwayWiki, AmwayTalk clearly do not full into this category. When I tried to debate this on the DMOZ forums I was basically told to shutup, it's been decided, no pro-MLM sites.

A decidely biased position, and one which leads to tens of thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of links to those "critics" websites and none to sites like this.

In addition, many believe that Google and other search engines put a deal of weight into a DMOZ listing for their rankings.
ibofightback Wrote:In addition, many believe that Google and other search engines put a deal of weight into a DMOZ listing for their rankings.

Undoubtedly! The only other sites they give higher rankings on are people who have paid them to get top rankings. Of course those aren't search results, but clickads.

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