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Amway Global website links to Amway Watch
Posted under What's New today, and included in today's Fridays "What New at Amway Global" email...

Exciting news! Amway Global enters partnership with Interleukin
Agreement made to sell Inherent Health brand genetic tests soon through a Partner Store of Amway Global.

Interleukin Inc. announced in a press release on October 29, 2009, that it has entered an agreement with Amway Global regarding the Inherent Health™ brand. With this agreement, Amway Global Independent Business Owners (IBOs) will be able to sell Interleukin Genetics’ Inherent Health brand of genetic tests, including the new Weight Management Genetic Test. The full line will be available through a new Inherent Health Partner Store. This new Partner Store site is currently being tested, and the planned launch at AmwayGlobal.com is this December. Please note that as soon as the Inherent Health Partner Store launches, it will replace the GENSONA® products available now online. In Canada, the GENSONA products will continue to be offered.

Interleukin Genetics, Inc. will fulfill and process all Inherent Health genetic tests through the company’s CLIA-certified laboratory in Waltham, Massachusetts. Amway Global will assist with marketing, implementation, and operations related to the sales of genetic tests sold through its organization.

“Amway Global has a long-standing commitment to helping people achieve optimal health and has been ranked the top online health and beauty retailer in the U.S. for six consecutive years. We feel the Inherent Health line of genetic tests complement our portfolio of quality products,” says Steve Lieberman, Managing Director of Amway Global.

The words "press release" takes you to... Amway Watch... <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.amwaywatch.com/north-america/united-states/333-interleukin-genetics-enters-partnership-agreement-with-amway-global-to-sell-inherent-health-brand-of-genetic-tests">http://www.amwaywatch.com/north-america ... etic-tests</a><!-- m -->


Considering that the website that ibofb got this press release is the Interleukin site, AG is smart NOT to link directly to the press release. Why? Because people could go right to that site, which links to the Inherent Health website, and order those tests now!

They've been available for a couple of months already. Why we gotta wait for Marketing or whomever to get their "stuff" together, and wait another month or so, is well, does that make any sense? Confusedcratch:

I'll be curious to see the pricing and the PV/BV on these tests through the Partner Store.

Regardless, congrats on the Amway Watch link! :clapping:
Looks like Ibofb is now the main man - mainstream or what - way to go :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
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wow ... that's interesting
I better load up the 40 or so stories I'm behind on Amway Watch Smile
ahh ... yeah ... that explains the spike from 100-150 visitors a day to over 500 so far already today on that site. It's my least visited site (amwaywiki gets more than 1000 visitors a day). Hardly anyone links to Amway Watch so it doesn't rank well for searches.

this will of course help a little!

better go do all the tweaking and cleaning up i had planned :this:
Congrats :-))

Not bad be officially linked in an Amway Global e-mail ...

:yahoo: :yahoo: :hello: :yahoo: :yahoo:

svenl Wrote:Not bad be officially linked in an Amway Global e-mail ...

Not just the email, the actual AG website, under the WHAT'S NEW section. The email directs the IBO to that part of the website.

But any IBO who logs on to the AG website, will see, right on the home page, the list of items in the What's New Section. And this one is currently listed in the #2 slot (chronological order of when it was posted).
now that I'm (as of about 4 minutes ago) an AG IBO I'll have to go look .... :yahoo:
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I haven't even logged on yet (waiting for password from my sponsor) but so far the registration email alone is just making me depressed at how backwards we are in this corner of the world :cray:

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