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Amway China article from Grand Rapids
Actually, yes, "free enterprise" is a property of capitalism and by definition does not exist under communism.

China these days is a hybrid capital/communist society and becoming more capitalist very quickly. Indeed I'd say the communist elements are really quite small.

The rest of the political issues - :offtopic:
Umm.. crownchaitu after reading your first post I thought you were from HongKong or China.
Anyway CHEERS BHAI! (Brother in hindi --> bhai) :grin:

I don't know your background, but if you could go through the book "The Age of Turbulence" by Alan Greenspan, you'ld get an insight on China. Alan's been Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board (yes, its a HUGE & CREDIBLE thing) from 1984 till Jan'06. He personally knows leaders and facts about China & it's Govt. They are doing an OK job at most. Over there you don't do what you believe in, rather you do what you're told to! Sad
"Say Yes 2 Your Potential"
Yep, ibofb is right, we're wandering in the woods. :offtopic:
"Say Yes 2 Your Potential"
[quote="crownchaitu"]Blah, blah, blah... [quote]

Simple question,
Which country are people digging tunnels, crossing the ocean on rafts, and risking their very lives to get into?? Is it China?

I've just set up an anything goes forum where you can continue the conversation there if you wish.
(2008-08-11, 08:03 PM)Bridgett Wrote: Wow. I can't even imagine attempting to do business in a communist country. They must have some vision to introduce free enterprise in such a climate.

Regarding having stand-alone stores in the States, I'm sure one thing they'd have to consider is any backlash/boycott of IBOs if the IBO population felt such a move would hurt their Independant Businesses. And it wouldn't stop at just the IBOs, but would extend to all IBOs' spheres of influence, considerting IBOs are well-trained in viral/word-of-mouth marketing (or unmarketing). Smile

Peoples that are very opposed to MLM business especially Amway!They always said that Amway is brainwashing them,yet they are being brainwashed by their Communist government everybody!

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