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Amway China article from Grand Rapids
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.woodtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=8818149">http://www.woodtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=8818149</a><!-- m -->
Wow. I can't even imagine attempting to do business in a communist country. They must have some vision to introduce free enterprise in such a climate.

Regarding having stand-alone stores in the States, I'm sure one thing they'd have to consider is any backlash/boycott of IBOs if the IBO population felt such a move would hurt their Independant Businesses. And it wouldn't stop at just the IBOs, but would extend to all IBOs' spheres of influence, considerting IBOs are well-trained in viral/word-of-mouth marketing (or unmarketing). Smile
From what I understand the volume from stand-alone stores still goes to ABOs and people can be referred to them. Not sure of the exact model but China isn't the only Asian market with this kind of thing, just the biggest. The Business Centers in Australia are another version. You can buy Amway products there, but I think you need a referral.

I think it's an excellent idea. One of the more successful internet innovations has been "order online, pickup personally". People love being able to do their ordering and paying online then go straight to a store to pick up with limited waiting.

I've used it a lot with IT stuff and I love it. I can't see why it wouldn't work with Amway stuff as well, but it needs delivery centers.
oh, and on the latest MM blog post they report their were 27 Chinese Crown Ambassadors at Founders Council in Beijing this week, so it's obviously working for ABOs (or whatever they're called there) as well as Amway.
A couple of our Partner Stores offer the service of ordering and paying on-line, and then picking up the item at the store. I've used this service for Circuit City and Ace Hardware. Sometimes it helps you save on delivery charges. However, last I checked the free shipping cut-off was only $25 with Circuit City. Therefore, most of the time it makes sense just to have them ship the stuff since it's hard to spend less than $25 on electronics.

Also, I've got my Office Depot card that allows me to get PV/BV on in-store purchases. You can request one when visiting the Office Depot Partner Store web-site, through Quixtar.com.
I agree with Bridgett about stand-alone stores here in the US. I don't think that would go over very well.

I watched the video and read the comments. Other than a couple people, most of the 'commenters' were, to use an old saying, 'one brick short of a load'.

Of course, our old friend 'Tex' had been there to give his -$.02 in.
Here in India, we have had ONLY stand alone stores till about last 3-4 years. Called Pick-Up Centers (PUC) & Amway Distribution Centers (ADC). One had to personally go there, fill out a product order-form, wait for their turn, get the billing done, get the products, deliver them to the customers / new IBOs / drive back home. :yawn:

Then product ordering through telephone & internet started. The telephone & website is not totally streamlined, but almost there. The voice ordering portal and web-server gets bogged down around month’s end. Customers still can’t place orders.

Product delivery system is also an issue – within the city/municipal limits (county for those in US) having ADC/PUC, you get same day delivery. In the next immediate town/suburb (under different municipal - but in the same state), products are delivered from another ADC/PUC 2-5 cities away. And you need to wait up to two weeks for your products. So it’s better to personally go to the Centre and place order – get the stuff – drive back 20 minutes. But as every IBO thinks so the ADCs get crowded, there are queues, token numbers for those in the queue.....

So trust me, it’s a lot better system you have in US, Australia etc. What the Corp. maybe planning is to add some warmth & charisma to the web-based model you guys have. Exclusive Amway Centers, something like Armani (or any designer brand) Stores. :hello:

Appreciate what you have, Enjoy what’s coming. :yahoo: :yahoo:
"Say Yes 2 Your Potential"
Crownchaitu you’re right about China. The Chinese amaze me and hats of to them. :good:

I tried to browse through the Amway China Website – with the Google Translator – for those who understand and are building the business - it translates funny! :rotfl: Nutrilite Protein Powder says Rich Devos tag in the translated text (product name) :lol:

Any way, I could gather that in China Amway doesn’t pay %age commissions like rest of the markets. I mean there are %age based bonuses but the calculations are not like other markets. It’s more like Tupperware (I don’t know an iota about it – but they seem to sell and earn) AND Amway bonus payment methods.

Please correct & elaborate crownchaitu. :dontknow:
"Say Yes 2 Your Potential"
I am under the impression that the stores in China are actual retail stores--not like all the other examples y'all have given from around the world.

Am I wrong?

crownchaitu Wrote:Doing business in 'Communist' China???
Why do people hv to use this tag on China?
It's a great country with a great government that can compare with ANY other govt in the world!
We hv allowed ourselves to be led by the media and our governments to believe such things abt China.

I have a very hard time with the "great government." China's gov't has been absolutely terrible, especially to their own people! One only needs to look at their horrible record of human rights abuses and restrictive policies, especialy regarding religion. While some reforms have opened China to new business and limited freedoms, they still have a very long way to go! I have no problem with saying China has great people, but will not say that about their government.

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