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Nutrilite Soccer Champion team of 2008 wins again...
Badly, the Impact of Montreal (Quebec Canada) lost last summer the 2009 Canadian Nutrilite soccer championship to the Toronto team!

But guess what? Yesterday, they won the 2009 Title of the USL-1 league!

:yahoo: :clapping: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.uslsoccer.com/">http://www.uslsoccer.com/</a><!-- m --> :yahoo: :clapping:

What's funny, is that they are only 2 Canadians Team in this North American league and they were both in Finals!

I know, we got a hockey history but we are getting well in Soccer. The Owner of the Montreal Impact work to move his team to the MLS league... <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.amwaytalk.com/sport-f40/david-beckham-and-nutrilite-soccer-champion-of-2008-t918.html">sport-f40/david-beckham-and-nutrilite-soccer-champion-of-2008-t918.html</a><!-- l -->

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.rds.ca/impact/chroniques/284403.html">http://www.rds.ca/impact/chroniques/284403.html</a><!-- m -->
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