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Staying Awake
ss3251 Wrote:In regards to heavy metal, I would say that Metallica has some of the easiest (most understandable) lyrics to sing along with. I bet I could still sing every word of Enter Sandman. LOL

What is funny, is that I heard at a recent Metallica concert...when they played that song, the fans all broke out their lighters in a "coom by ya" fashion. WHAT??? :blink:
It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things. --Roosevelt
Heavy Metal is good. I like some good blues myself. Stevie Ray Vaughn, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Johnny Lang and others. Of course in the Heavy Metal arena, there is AC/DC.
I gained a lot of respect for Metallica after we bought Rock Band. I could play most guitar parts for other songs. But when I came to Metallica's song, I would get knocked out. lol

Deb, here is a pma book you might want to read before your vacation:

[Image: Harvey_MacKay_Swim_With_the_Sharks_abridged.jpg]

lol Good luck!
LOL!! No swimming with the sharks for me, thanks!!

I enjoy a form of power kiting called "Body Dragging" - where you hook a giant kite to your harness and it drags you through the water. HUGE fun!!!! :yahoo: But *if* one does that through shark-infested waters - wouldn't it be called "trolling"???? :eek:

Nah - I think I'll stay on shore.
ajgannon Wrote:What tools do you use to stay awake?

With two young kids, I pretty much need to stay awake far more often and longer than I want to--in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening.

It's that Jesus-y rock music that keeps me going--and keeps my attitude up.

Like this song by Steven Fee's band.


And the David Crowder Band

Besides their music, I like David 'cause he's kind of goofy looking and has a good sense of humor.

Here he is playing a song with a Guitar Hero guitar. Big Grin

The actual rockin' song comes in at 3:30.

Thanks for the contribution Bridgett! Fun music!
Speaking of staying awake..... unfortunately, as we were driving to FLA, just N of Cincinnati on I-75, a motorcyclist hit the back of a construction-zone dump truck and closed the freeway for 4 hours. We were stuck in the middle of it... :-(

After picking up a radio station that more or less told us we were going nowhere for a looong time - I just went and took a nap. Gotta love a motorhome!!!!!!!!! Woke up, and sent Hubby back to snooze..... finally, around 1 AM, they opened the highway back up.

I'd still rather drive than fly any day!!
Spent a few weeks driving around southern europe in a motorhome earlier this year. First time I'd done it and fell completely in love with it! Particularly good with a 3yr old, we could take all his toys and favourite stuff with us and he could sit and be entertained while we were driving.

Staying awake...here;s what I;ve done.....and what has worked 4 me.....

roll the window down (especially effective when it's cold, raining, or snowing)

Listening to HARD ROCK. FULL VOLUME!!!!

Pull over at a truck stop, get out and run around your car several times screaming, "I'M A WINNER! I'M A WINNER!" Repeat as needed. (THis is great 4 your moral especially after a "me-show".)

Pull off the road, and shoot one shot of sweet shot in one eye.

stick your hair out the window, and roll the window up.

And my #1 favorite:
Get a big gulp cup and fill with ICE. When u r desperate, dump a few oz of ice into your under ware and resume driving. iT'S DAMMED UNCOMFORTABLE, BUT IT WILL KEEP U AWAKE!!! (Warning: Not 4 the weak at heart!)

Multimillionaire Wrote:
Pull off the road, and shoot one shot of sweet shot in one eye.

Ouch! :blackeye: Are you serious? Did you actually do that? You sound pretty old school. That's not a put down, for sure. Were you in the business a long time ago and then recently became active again, or have you been working it for a few decades? Sweet shot must date back to the 90's, at the latest? I've only had experience with the Glister breath freshener spray. I've had a couple of them for several years. I've never cared for breath freshener spray. No one has told me I have a bad breath problem. Or maybe they're just being polite. I do like the Nutrilite echinacea spray though--freshens your breath, boosts your immune system, and soothes scratchy throats. :thumbsup:

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