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Any suggestions for Amway Europe?
The following post went up on the Amway Europe blog this week, how about posting some suggestions?

Quote:Munich is calling....
So, this week finds me preparing for 4 days in the Munich European HQ for a range of meetings regarding our communications work for 2010.

I've mentioned before that we are taking a good hard look at our communication materials and how they are being used. We are assessing them in terms of target audience, message intent, effectiveness and the return on investment we see coming from them.

You could view those last two points as a marketers holy grail - find something effective and providing clear ROI means you've hit paydirt! But it is an elusive art, especially in an industry where the purchaser (ABO's) would be looking to buy the products anyway.

So if anyone has a burning issue with the way we use Amagram, the Starter Kit or the Product Brochure or has ideas on how to improve them please let me know.

And whilst the days will be long and hard working, it seems that for the 9th consecutive year (yes, nine!!) I have timed my visit to miss being in Munich whilst Oktoberfest is on. How this works out to be the case year after year I really do not know and each year I vow to make sure I'm there for the next one. So once again .... see you in the tent at Oktoberfest 2010 !
ibofightback Wrote:in the tent at Oktoberfest 2010 !


How about double PV on beer?

You know, the Drink From Yourself and Teach Others to Do the Same model.

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