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Amway Europe Sales Incentive Program
I posted this over on the Amway Europe Writer's Block blog. Any thoughts?

bump! Hey Andrew, don't forget your blog! :-)

I have a question about ABO incentives and Amway Europe strategy. Throughout the rest of the world Amway is introducing incentives for new and lower level IBOs. Amway Europe seems to be ignoring this trend with the 2009/2010 sales incentive program. There is not a single incentive for anyone below Founders Platinum.

This means for SIP to matter you have to be at least silver producer this month, September 2009. Steve Van Andel says in his video about the SIP - "the incentives for 2009/2010 are open to all ABOs at all business levels" but this simply isn't true. Apart from a theoretical possibility of the 2012/2013 diamond super bonus there are no incentives targeting IBOs joining in 2009/2010 and there are no incentives for any IBO (the vast majority!) who are starting the new year below Silver producer.

Given the "Fast Track" approach seems to be having great success elsewhere, what is the thinking behind the Amway Europe 2009/2010 SIP program?

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