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Kudos to WWDB & all the best to Brad wolgamott
Hi Ryan :wave: :wave: I have just reread the thread and thought is was very positive and people wishing well - I suppose people read things differently depending on their point of view and where they are coming from - We look forward to more from you :thumbsup:
'The only way I can succeed in business is to proactively do something for 'MY BUSINESS' every day'
I look to the Future - for the Future is where I'm going to spend the rest of my Life
Yes Ryan,


And I'd like to echo what IBOFB and RW1 just wrote. If you look at the heading of this thread KUDOS TO WWDB AND ALL THE BEST TO BRAD WOLGAMOTT, along with reading the very first comment of the person who started this thread

superseiyan Wrote:Two things:

1. I'm delighted that a major LOA actually has the BALLS to not pull some revisionist history stunt, or just x people out of it's history, or worst of all, as I've seen happen many times, bad mouth the departing person. That's the first time I've seen this happen (the open acknowledgement).

2. All the best to Brad, I love his CDs and his fun personality. Rather than discouraging prospects, this shows that you can use Amway to build an income to the level/pin that YOU want, and then do what YOU want.


I think your comment doesn't make any sense. Confusedcratch:

Regardless, welcome! Smile
Ahhhh, I love coming back two, three years later to see who was correct...ok, since Brad and Leslie's divorce:

Her organization is exploding. Has three new Emeralds in Canada, Eatons have leg 8 at 6K and the ninth is on the way (that's EDC for all you haters). Duncan has put in another 4 legs and two are platinums, the other two (one of them his son) just went 2500. AMAZING Brad Wolgamott's departure did leave a big hole...but guess what? People filled the gap. In fact, it was left of a hole that was left and more like the lid being lifted off. I LVOE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER!!!

(2009-10-19, 03:59 AM)MedfordBlues Wrote: Brad Wolgamott.. Clearly outgrew wwdb 5 years ago. He was the only diamond to really take his money and help others. One of the true tests is would you take your money and help someone that you may never see before or you know will never really be able to help you back.. THis was Brad Wolgamott...

The rest of the diamonds would always say they are out helping others... yes those others were their downline where they had a vested interest.

also, brad was progressive with the internet, the new generation and business in general. he realized change was needed..

Unfortunately as maxwell would say "The Law of the LID" held him back. WWDB old antiquated ways was a lid... The smarter more educated ones will leave if the org does not grow with the times... Justification of an old product pickup for so many years and the old way of thinking killed the org... if you disagree with me.. go look at the diamonds.. same old geezers, saying the same old rhetoric... no new diamonds. most of them just have above average income...
thats why they buy second hand cars and live in montana,spokane etc...

go where the big boys are... lake washington..

Brads departure left a GAPING HOLE in the organization... Brad motivated from positive passion... NOT guilt and intimidation (if you are not buying tools you are not serious)... He encouraged with love... Not divisive (if you are not out showing the plan you are not serious about your family as many diamonds would say)

Not only that, Leslie has another downline Diamond in Qualification in the Whalen's. What's cool and I didn't know, was the qualification process that we take people through (here in Canada) originally started with Brad Wolgamott. While it's changed significantly, the basis for it was from Brad and has only continued to help everyone in Canada build what is one of the hottest markets within WWDB. A lot of news coming from Canada in the WWDB market this upcoming Amway Fiscal!
Not sure if anyone has seen this...


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