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Good Idea for stimulate and follow customers...

I put an idea related to an exist post of IBOFB because it was not the subject of that topic and i think it would be good to have your opinion on that. Hope the corp listening. There is some MLM who put to much energy and harass people with emails, but i think we can get better on that side at least a minimum of electronic promotion and marketing with existent customers.




"" ibofightback wrote:
What I'm looking at developing right now for my own group is simple email software for tracking these people. Virtually everyone I show the plan to is willing to give me their email address so I can send them more info on our products/bizopp. It's (technically) a relatively simple thing to have a series of personalised emails going to them on a regular basis promoting our product ranges and with a link to be able to order. It's also relatively easy to set this up so it's personalised for each IBO. So an IBO shows the plan and/or products to someone, and gets their email address. They go home, hop onto a website and put in the persons name and email address and perhaps product interest areas.

The prospect then gets a nice email from the ABO, complete with their picture and provides them with some more info. We then continue to provide them with something of value. For example, I just read some research that indicates soluble fibre looks like it has a big positive impact on people with irritable bowel syndrome. Non-soluble fibre, like bran etc, may have a bad effect. Why not have a little article talking about that and send it to the health interested prospects? They learn something, we've given them something of value - and of course can promote Nutrilite invisifibre.

This can all be done and nicely personalised for every ABO. If done by the corp it's all controlled with no problems with FDA claims or whatever. Instead we're expecting ABOs to handle all this stuff, effectively manually, making the job a whole lot harder and putting the corp at risk. For the life of me I don't understand why the corp. isn't doing stuff like this. How many tens of thousands of people a day give permission to an ABO to hear more about the products and never hear anything again? That "list" of email addresses would be worth $$$$ to other companies. We're throwing money away!""


That's a good idea,

I did some email like that but its not worth the work when you don't have a email program who is made for it.
Hope you have a nice answer from the corp or at least if you made it personally for your group.

A long time ago, i was advise that Jody Victor send a few email every month (about products) to each IBO in his organization.

Give us some news about your project.... I just hope that the corp dont stop you for a rule that i don't know? Smile

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