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Amway IBOs get all their products free plus extra cash!
Thought you might enjoy my latest TTAA post, where I "prove" statistically that average Amway IBOs get all their products free plus extra cash!
Ha ha lol :-) well written IBOFB! Just to make things worse for critics - you forgot that many of such 'active' IBOs also went for a tour sponsored by Amway for free so you can add the cost of the travel and it would still be more tan $115 methinks!

Now for some serious thoughts :

1. INDIA has 500,000 active IBOs.
2. Turnover for Amway India for year ending Aug 31, 2008 was Rs. 11.28 billion OR 1128 crores [1 Crore = 10 Million]

A simple calculation I did : Take the annual turnover and divide it by ALL IBOs [India only] which gives Rs. 11.28 billion [2008 revenue- INDIA] / 500,000 = Rs. 225.60 per year which means less than Rs. 20 per month which means that if every IBO does Rs. 20 DAP every month for 12 months then clearly only a small portion of 500,000 active IBOs are doing some business and the rest are dormant.

I myself do much more than Rs. 2,000 per month as I SELL Rs. 2,000 products every month ... which means that if half of 500,000 IBOs do just Rs. 2,000 per month then the total turnover at DAP would be 250,000 x Rs. 2,000 = Rs. 0.5 Billion OR
Rs. 0.5 billion x 12 = Rs. 6 billion [US $ 130 Million at Rs. 46 = 1 USD]. So from this equation the India business would add 50% of its turnover just like that ... Huge growth imho as no other business is growing at 50% now ...

So clearly there are a huge # of IBOs that do very little business but they are considered Active in the sense that they renew each year and after renewal go for the post renewal offers and stock up on the year's ration ....so their monthly average comes to a very low number ...You are right about statistics as I do this work myself ... and depending on how you show the data you can mislead people....

just my 2 cents..
You know what's even funnier? WKAC (well known amway critics) JoeCool did a blog post ranting about how in my post I was "spinning the statistics" ... completely missing the point of the post. I think I saw rocket or some other WKAC doing the same.

They really are that ... um .... not so smart .... :lol:

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