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How dumb can some people be?
Every so often I get trash talking abusive comments posted on The Truth About Amway. Some of them are unintentionally hilarious. Today one came in from "ibofanoik" trashing the whole idea, products re crap, overpriced, blah blah blah

10 minutes later, someone posting as "xsman" replied, agreeing with ibofanoik and saying they'd been trying to sell XS to clubs and bars etc etc but nobody was interested

The thing is, comments from new posters aren't published until I approve them. "xsman" was replying to a comment from "ibofanoik" that wasn't even showing!

Not that the fact ibofanoik and xsman posted from the same internet and email address would have given much away .... Confusedcratch:

How about "outing" them ?? :dontknow:
See, THAT'S what I am talking about, at its extreme.

Certain dispositions, certain perspectives, and certain behaviors have predictable results.

This guy might get smarter, might get wiser, might even one day make very compelling arguments to the ignorant about how "bad" the business is...but, there is no doubt in my mind that the person he appears to be at this moment is incapable of doing enough to make a business like this work.

...with his own ill-conceived testimony as proof.

Too funny.

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