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Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Dornan downline LOS(not including there australian EDC business) and could perhaps fill me in because i only know of 3 diamonds in there FCA business- Johnson, Wilson and Dave and Jules Dornan.

My other question is does anyone know about 3 of the legs of Frank Tennants downline(he's Founders Emerald with 5 legs 2 of which i know about (leonards leg and through emeralds Jamie and Julie Allison) but not the other 3 and i was hoping someone could shed some light as to whats in those legs.
Have you tied the Amway wiki that is linked at the top of the Amway Talk main page?
Have Dave & Jules Dornan qualified Diamond or still Founders Emerald?

The Dornan's started in California and there's a lot of Californian diamonds in N21

Re Frank Tennant, AmwayWiki doesn't cover Emeralds for now.
I think Dave and Jules are still emeralds
Hi all,
I've got another question about Lines of Sponsorship, i've been having a good look the Diamond Alliance/ N21 LOS starting with James Vagyi and going down through Gidofalvi (who as you know was terminated last year)and further around and i found a few others there and for a few of them ie crown ambassadors demkura and arkhipova and the crowns Igor and valeria Haratin up to there upline diamonds "Maria Suli and Mihaly turcsik" who are together in their diamondship. What i know about them is their diamond in Hungary, they went diamond in 2006-2007 and they're in N21 does anyone have any idea who is in their upline LOS or know where i could possibly find out?

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