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Bo Short, Ty Tribble et.al sued for a million dollars
ajgannon Wrote:
Synergik Wrote:If you just realized that i got an avatar its maybe because they're was not enough animation to catch your attention...
Hello... its not new !!!

I didn't just notice your avatar. I didn't comment on it last winter when you joined the forum, because you were new. We have to be more sensitive with comments directed towards people we don't know yet. Then when they've been around for a while it's safer to poke fun and tease a bit. If it sounded like I was bullying you, consider yourself a friend of mine. I don't bother messing with people I don't like. :grin:
Synergik Wrote:Why are you refer to IBOFB, you need assistance or what.

I'm not sure what you mean. I wasn't trying to get IBOFightBack to take any action regarding your avatar. No worries.

All right !

Maybe one day i change that avatar Ha HA ! When i found it, i thought the energy he got was interesting...

Its different of a smilies...

Just for an update, it appears this case was settled out of court.

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