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Updating again
I'm back to updating Amway Watchagain, there's always lots of news from the Amway world, and it's a good place to keep it in one spot!

If you want to be notified of new posts, there's a couple of options

(1) Subscribe to Amway Watch via RSS or Email

(2) Follow me on Twitter

The latter will also advise of new posts on The Truth About Amway
Thanks Ibofb - There is so much good news out there you are bringing us about Amway - I just wonder why we are not more informed about national, European & International events through our local Amway sites & Amagrams - what we see from your posts is so powerful It just amazes me why we don't harness it Confusedcratch:
'The only way I can succeed in business is to proactively do something for 'MY BUSINESS' every day'
I look to the Future - for the Future is where I'm going to spend the rest of my Life
Well, a lot of it I am sourcing from local Amway affiliate websites - though I'm stunned Amway UK doesn't mention the store launch! - what's missing is cross-promotion, giving ABOs a bigger picture of what it is they're a part of.

Beth Dornan did a post recently about an IBO denying their connection with Amway. If you actually get educated with the global happenings, then there's no way you'd want to deny the connection!

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