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Any Amway aussie lurkers?
I've heard that (a) FastTrack is being introduced there and (b) average incomes are now being published.

Can anyone help with more info?
I haven't seen anything from the company - but as I am not locked into a system I am a bit out of the information loop.

Our LOS used to have fast track one and two which had taps/books/activities to do.... but this was system specific.

Update Just been for a troll through the Amway.co.nz web site (which I presume is the same as the auzzie one). They have launched

Quote:formal education program', know as IBO Certification

And also an elearning program. But cannot find/see any evidence of something called fastrack or average incomes
We have the fast track promo in our group. I have pdf if you want to have a look. Quite exciting.

I know about the Fastrack from the corp. didn't think it was happening till 1st sept in the new SIP.

all kinds of money are being poured in even at the 3% level... its UNREAL... :good: :good: :good:

they released the info at winter conference...
yes please, I'd love a copy - <!-- e --><a href="mailto:ibofightback@mlmfacts.net">ibofightback@mlmfacts.net</a><!-- e -->

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