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Washington to Propose Soap and Detergent Tax

JULY 15, 2009

Taxes Sought to Fix Aged Infrastructure

The bill calls for a 0.15% tax on any corporation earning a profit of more than $4 million a year. Manufacturers of any water-based beverages, excluding alcohol, would see a four-cent tax per container. Soaps, detergents, toiletries, toilet tissue, water softeners and cooking oils would face a 3% tax on wholesale prices. Pharmaceuticals would be taxed at 0.5% of the wholesale price.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D., Ore.), the main sponsor of the Water Protection and Reinvestment Act, said he believed the bill was necessary to repair an aging system used by all Americans.... A spokeswoman for Mr. Blumenauer said the trust fund created under the bill would bring in about $10 billion a year.


hmmm ... why excluding alcohol?
I don't know.

Maybe because alcohol is so highly regulated and highly taxed already.


Maybe because the liver filters out all of the impurities already. :dontknow:
you'd reckon farms should be high on the list if you wanted a legitimate "user pays" type of tax too ....
Very few farms in Michigan (and the MidWest) have irrigation from wells.

Every once and a while you will see a farm with the irrigation contraption. But most live or die by the amount of rain we get each year.

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