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Obama Appoints VanAndel Scientist and Man of Faith
Someone needs to go learn the difference between climate and weather.

They should also study some science. A new measuring methodology found ice thicker than was expected. This doesn't necessarily mean the ice got thicker, it may just mean the new method gives different results, which may be either a more or less accurate reflection of reality. With no earlier measurements using the same methodology it's impossible to now whether the ice is really getting thicker or is actually getting thinner. In fact, some warming models predict thicker ice in some areas due to decreased salinity.

As for the polar bears in your half of the planet, circulation changes as a result of warming water are predicted to push more ice to the alaskan side of the arctic for some years - in other words, when people starting claiming climate change is false because the NW passage is closed again, you now know that's exactly what climate change models are predicting.

You might want to read what arctic scientists say instead of politicans and their lackeys - which includes Ms Stabenow who seems to be as clueless about science as the article writer.
I will be on an airplane tomorrow. And I will see if I can 'feel' the type of climate change referenced by my Senator.

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