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The photos are moving ... but the comments, particularly from yesterday afternoon and today ... the comments from Iranians, breaking through internet censorship and struggling to write in english ... they will bring you to tears ...
Let's hope beyond hope that this is resolved quickly and with no further loss of life.
It's hard to see how it will - but we can hope and pray......................... :worried:
To be honest, I suspect a quick resolution (days) will not be the right resolution.

Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better.
huffington post is live blogging....

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/06/13/iran-demonstrations-viole_n_215189.html">http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/06/1 ... 15189.html</a><!-- m -->
ibofightback Wrote:To be honest, I suspect a quick resolution (days) will not be the right resolution.

Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better.

My inference was a quick just resolution and I'm afraid I share your view that any early "resolution" will not necessarily fit the just tag... Sad
There are comments from ahmadinejad supporters, and photos of the pro-ahmadinejad rally on that link as well.

I think they tell the story quite well without any comment needed from us.
Interesting tweets. Technology can only help these people.

[Image: 6a00d83451c45669e20115711bf55c970b-500wi] [Image: 6a00d83451c45669e201157026d098970c-320wi]

many many arrests in tehran 2day. hundreds. - now is dark baseej start to make trouble.

1000's on balconys - tehran is alive with sound of freedom

now i hear news that between Tajrish sq & Vanak sq are full of Moosavi Fans with green dress

this may become a massacre, dear god keep them safe

unconfmd major incident at Azadi - shooting - fires - ppl running

Fights have broken out in Azadi SQ between Mousavi and A.N. supporters and the police.

not only that they attacked us, now they are hiding the bodies of those we lost! I will kill ahmadynezhad myself!

Situation in Rasht very calm due to high number of police and basijis

the gov apparently doesn't trust the normal police, they are all unarmed with empty holsters!

What scares us most is the gun in the untrained hands... militias are not professional and they don't have ethics

A member of the parliament's car and house have been attacked by the militias

Conflict reported between people and special forces. It's been reported that meghdad basij centre is under people's control

we've decided to donate blood. there is a serious lack of blood in hospitals.

1 of my friends reports from Azadi that special forces r beating ppl most brutally. lots of ppl r badly injured.

Iran's CyberPolice stated that the gov'll confront harshly with ppl who reflect "false" news about Iran on the Net.

LEvin (High security infamous prison) news confirmed. I wonder what they are going to do when it's get full

we have info that tehran uni will be attacked tonight - have contact inside - says uni blocked

call from Niavaran saying plainclothes going door2door now looking for satellite dsh

in chaharbaagh police attacked people. angry people chased police away and increased in number

in Tabriz home city of Mousavi, who according to Iran gov has voted 4 Ahmadinejad, gathering of more than 3 is illigal

from Vanak sq to Parkway , people raise their hand as a sign of protest

Fake News on national TV: Mousavi attends the gathering today.

hundereds were arrested in Mashhad

confirmed - jahanbakhsh khangahi arrested

cannot contact family in shiraz w/phone. hopefully they're safe. mom says they avoid "politics"...revolution is in our blood!

please RT urgent does anyone know whats happening near saiee park? my daughter is near

Just had a call reporting clashes in Azadi. Between Moussavi supporters, Ahmadinejad's hardliner forces & police.

Hearing Allaho Akbar & Down with Dictator... Much more stronger than last night.

At least the press is free in Iraq. If these kinds of abuses were going on in Iraq by either side, there would be a press to cover it.

As one protest participant e-mailed:

Life has come to a halt. There were at least 2-3M in the streets today. I've never seen such anger. We are not going [to] let this go. They've closed all the universities (during final exams) and have started a purge. Many of our professors are missing and student organizers are moving constantly to avoid detainment. The police [are] just watching and the army has declared neutrality. The violence is 100% caused by the BASIJ [unofficial "religious" police] and thugs who are roaming the streets. They seem to be targeting girls, swinging with clubs and chains. Its disgusting but we are protected by numbers. Get the word out--the more of us stand together, the safer each individual will be. The reports of the university attacks yesterday are true. We don't know how many were hurt or killed.

[Image: 7ki6e.jpg]

Rally in Isfahan, Iran's 3rd largest city, click for the large version
[Image: 1245312818.jpg]

Iranian footballers bravely were green armbands in support, match against South Korea happening right now in South Korea.

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