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Pecause other psychiatric disorders because I've other problems in it's a wonderful book really exceptional injures capacity as a communicator and writer has thrown him onto the national stage many important ways and meet him one of the most important for voices in our society in the world about mental illness so it’s quite likely if you've been following did public discourse and psychiatric disorders that you have if you even if you haven ‘tread one of his books that you encountered him in some way or another and I prison that's why one of the reasons that for this conference we've had 430 people sign up for which is the most I've any of our 22 conferences that we've I'd like to express what other particular data gratitude one is to interest has been John but also because in true helped me to appreciate my own in our own departments struggle to understand and accept other people and a and I have asked him in here's agreed to end his has already begun to serve as a special adviser for me and the Department arm I about LGBT cue issues and which has been already very helpful to me and very helpful tour trainees um I it's been a I interest given grand rounds in our department ESPN met with our .


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