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A product that should be returned to the catalogue
I didn't want to register just to make a suggestion and then clear out. I get more than enough rubbish from places where I registered just so I could make one comment. But I was forced to register because the webmaster's email address didn't work. Anyway, here is my suggestion:

Bring back the shower head!

I don’t know what I’m going to do when the plastic centre of our shower head finally wears away and we get water everywhere in the shower but over ourselves. There isn’t any other shower head worth buying. Anything that claims to save water uses at least four times as much as the Amway one. I found only one criticism of the Amway product on the Internet. The wording was something to the effect that “it’s like having a bumblebee piddle on my back”. "Yes, it would be if you were the size of an elephant and required a shower equivalent to an average waterfall,” was what I thought.

Surely there are other people here who would like to see the shower head return?
never tried the showerhead, but sounds good!
(2015-06-13, 09:59 PM)ibofightback Wrote: never tried the showerhead, but sounds good!

You won't get a chance if Amway doesn't bring it back. It really puzzles me why they dropped this. It can't possibly be for the same reason they dropped the CMS 1000 and 2000 because there has never been anything on the market vaguely like the Amway showerhead. The things marketed as being water-saving heads are nothing but a bad joke compared to the Amway product.
I assume the vacuum cleaners were dropped due to losing some rights to it and increased competition. The showerhead has never been available in our market here, but might be for similar reasons - patent expiry, that type of thing.

Or, more likely, there just weren't enough sales!
How long have you owned that shower head?
Amway's bread and butter seems to be consumables.

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