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Hello All I'm Warrior5150
I'm a former IBO from the very early 90s. Believe it or not Brig and Lita Hart were my upline Diamonds...ah those were the days!

Now there are so many social (used to be called network) marketing companies who knows what is which or which is what.

Oh well I guess technology, opportunity and the internet is a force in this industry and there is no stopping the onslaught of "newer", "better" pills, potions and juices from the new kids on the block.

That's about all that's on my mind today here in good ole South Carolina.

Take care troopers!!!Smile
Welcome! I too am a newbie. Registered just minutes ago. Not very familiar with message boards, but am very glad I happened to find this one. Look forward to keeping in touch with you and the other members.
why did you get out of amway?
i am also from SC Smile

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