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Misspelled State!
Hi! My husband and I are Amway Distributors and have been since about 1973. At one point we reached the level of Direct Distributors, but now we mainly use the products for our own use and sell to a few friends and relatives. Anyway, I was curious and decided to look up some of the people who we used to hear at seminars/rallies during our active time with Amway. As I read the long list of names, there were many people who I am still familiar with. It was really nice reliving some fond memories.

I want to let you know, however, that the people who are listed as living in Oregon all have their state misspelled! It is not "Oregan". It is "Oregon"! Would it be possible to get that corrected?

Thank you for your time and thank you for the wonderful memories!

Meri Anstead
After a quick look I'm guessing you're talking about Amway Wiki? It's actually open for anyone to edit and correct errors Smile

I've fixed all the Oregon's! Thanks for the tipSmile

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