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Be a good person.

I'm in MLM for a short time but my girlfriend is in it for years.
I think this is an amazing business full of great people.
I strongly believe it's worth to be a good person in MLM.

When we talk about MLM we represent not only our view but also the company and the whole MLM. If one of us act like an asshole then people may think that everybody in MLM is asshole.
It may also work the other way around so let give a great example Smile

Many leaderships experts suggest to never criticise people in public. Praise in public and criticise privately.

So if you are involved into an conversation with some critics you may use it to show how professional and ethical MLMers are.
People may respect us way more this way.

You talkin' ta me? Angel

Yeah ... there's a (very) small number of dedicated and dishonest critics I lose my temper with occasionally Angry

We all have our growth points! Big Grin
You do an amazing job and add value.
I'm talking in general about the image we create for Amway, MLM and people working in this business.

If we are polite and professional then we will get a general opinion like that.
Many people believe that all MLMers are like..... depends what experience they had with few people.
Being a professional works amazing in this business.
Yes, it amazes how some groups in the past used to (hopefully it's past) derided people who weren't interested or decided it wasn't for them as "losers" or "quitters"

How can anyone think that is even smart business, let alone morally correct?
I think it's excellent that people can make a decision and are comfortable admitting that the business is not for them.
The problem, in my opinion, is when they start abbreviating their statements.

It goes like this:

"Amway seems nice, but it didn't work for me."
"Amway didn't work for me."
"Amway didn't work."

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