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Amway no longer partnering with Miss America?
Miss America was announced last night and I see no publicity from Amway about it, so I gather the partnership has ended?

Looks like bad timing from Amway, with an Indian American winning!
Hmmm, must have been a bad breakup. As recently as July 2013 Miss America Mallory Hagan was talking about working with Amway yet here we are a couple of Month's later and Amway isn't even mentioned on the page where

"The Miss America Organization would like to thank the following sponsors and partners for their support of MAO and Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan during her year of service."
Ya noticed that myself - A missed opportunity - wonder why?
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There was an announcement several months ago, here in North America, about Amway evaluating their sponsorships. It was in that announcement that they said that they would no longer be sponsoring the Miss America Organization (starting with Miss America 2014)
Ahh, ok. I missed that one. Thanks Bridgett!

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