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LTS trip for China
About 12.000 ABO's from China will travel this spring to Taiwan on a Cruiseship.

Chinese mainland's big tourist group heads for Taiwan

Mainland's big tourist group heads for Taiwan

Even Swedish newspapers have had a small notice about this (SvD on Tuesday).

first boatload arrived yesterday wednesday from what I've read. More barriers broken down by Amway Smile
MY upline,a young couple also went there.
The cruiser they took is Legend of seas, was ready to set off at Shanghai Band
This pictures below was photoed by me when I sent them off.
12000 qualifed DD and above went their in 9 boatloads. The trip took about two months, since the cruiser should be back to pick up them each time.
Till the end of May, the last team back from Taiwan.
[Image: 4626_94505429024_743904024_1716629_4509421_n.jpg]
[Image: n743904024_1716675_6205268.jpg]
Welcome to Shanghai, it is really a charming city. :wave:
This is great! Inspiring and such happy news ...Asia will outpace US + Europe - me thinks :-)

Best wishes to all Chinese ABOs ....

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