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Amway Spain reports 14% growth

Amway de España has reported sales of €7.5 million for 2008, a 14% increase over 2007 sales of €6.6 million.

With a catalog of over 450 quality health and beauty products and high quality health, Amway distributors in Spain have followed an upward trend in recent years. Jordi Marín, Director General of Amway Spain and Amway Portugal, said:

"There is an increasing interest in the option of direct sales with Amway. We have been growing steadily for several years and are forecast to continue to do well in 2009. We see that direct marketing is an excellent option in the current situation, whether unemployed and wanting to return to work, or simply if you want to have additional income."

According to recent studies in several European countries, direct selling has is now seen as a "third way of employment." In the case of Amway, the self-employed distributors can organize and develop their own business distributing quality products backed by a well-financed, prestigious company.

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