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New European incentives ... wow!
I'm still awaiting details and not sure if this is all of Europe or just Scandinavia - I suspect all of Europe, but it appears Amway has effectively Doubled the income of Emeralds and Diamonds from next year. One incentive that has excited the hell out of me and my group is a 200,000€ cash bonus for anyone qualifying Diamond between now and August 2013 with 3 Founders Platinum legs.

Hopefully I'll be able to get more details during the week, but this is going to fire up Amway Europe like you wouldn't believe.
That's awesome to hear. I can't wait to see you guys get the kind of bonuses we are! Time for a huge explosion!
Very exciting!!! :clapping:

We knew it was just a matter of time before some of the new bonuses here in the US would be implemented over seas.

- Ros
Received a copy of the new SIP-program this afternoon. Earlier it was only showed to Diamonds, now to Platinas and Above . . .
It will be official for everyone next month and it is VERY EXCITING to see this
:yahoo: :clapping: :yahoo: :clapping: :yahoo:

And it's for all Europe except Russia etc.
It's 3 levels of rising the bonuses. It's 25%, 50% or 100% for Q12 Platinas and above . . .
I think this is a way of getting the business to move from 8 to 12 billion US$ in only 4 years.

I have put up my goals to a higher level now, and also several of my downlines have done the same Tongue


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