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Network marketing
Is Amway is network marketing?
(2013-07-25, 12:06 PM)easyworkmlm Wrote: Is Amway is network marketing?

Network marketing is a marketing strategy, most (but not all) people who market Amway products use it, yes.
If you can get hold of it, an amazing book to read would be "The Business Of The 21st Century" by Robert Kiyosaki. It really does a great job of helping people get an understanding of the mindshift necessary for this type of opportunity as well as provides great details into how money is made in the world (See "The Cash Flow Quadrant") and how Network Marketing fits within that.

Short read: It educates people on the difference of an employment mentality vs entrepreneurial / big business mentality. Its mandatory reading for any new prospects that we show this business to before they even get a chance at signing up with us.


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