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What the ..... ??? Brig Hart
Came across this video of Brig Hart. Hart is a former Amway Double Diamond who got kicked out and then reached the top of Mona Vie. He recently announced he'd sold his Mona Vie business to start a ministry.

This video is from November and is frankly bizarre.

I'm just not sure where this guy is coming from, either. Maybe he just felt like it was time to move on and do his own thing.
Jeffrey,heard brig and many other big distributors lost more than 50% of their volume or income with Mona vie. Not as many people buying cases of expensive juice. Makes sense for him to sell his distributorship while its worth something. Heard brigs best year he made 13 mill from monavie. Excluding system earnings
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who is brig hart? I have not heared anytime about hart but thank you notaibo tell something about brig hart…

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