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Anyone Seen sixminutemillionaire.com?
Sounds like a mythological being, LOL. Maybe I saw him in Lord of the Rings Big Grin
BigBucks Wrote:Sounds like a mythological being, LOL. Maybe I saw him in Lord of the Rings Big Grin

I'm not sure I'd call him precious :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
We are asking for the assistance of the general public, as well as IBOs & ABOs everywhere, in helping us locate and identify the individual(s) in these two photographs.

They are wanted for questioning in the attempted disruption of business of IBOs & ABOs, and the spreading of false rumors regarding business support materials.

One of our top undercover operatives recently met with an individual calling himself Sméagol at an undisclosed location.

The suspect Sméagol attempted to sell to our agent a mysterious gold ring which he kept referring to as
“my preciousss”, asking $2.5 million US dollars for the ring.

He told our agent that whoever possessed and wore the ring on their third finger of their right hand would be impervious to any suggestive or attempted coercion of purchasing what he referred to as BSMs, as well as having other mystical powers.

Sméagol claimed the ring would pay for itself in only 3 months.

Using his cell phone’s camera, our agent took a photo of Sméagol holding the ring, saying he would need to authenticate the ring before he could pay Sméagol. (see Image 1 below)

This caused Sméagol to become suspicious, where upon he distracted our agent, causing him to turn away for a few seconds. When our agent turned back to continue the negotiations, both Sméagol and the ring were gone. Our agent now found himself sitting across from a completely different person.

When our agent asked him who he was, and where Sméagol had gone, the individual replied, ”I know not this Sméagol of who you speak, my name is Gollum. Sorry is Gollum, he must have sit down at wrong table.”

Gollum then stood up and began walking away, but not before our quick thinking agent was able to take this picture of him. (See Image 2 below)

After careful examination of the two photos and comparing the voice recordings of Sméagol with that of Gollum that our agent made during the meeting, we now believe the individuals in the two photos are the same person.

We are offering a reward of 10,500 PV and 31,500 BV to any IBO or ABO who can provides information that results in locating, identifying and stopping this person from causing any further harm to IBOs and ABOs.

Should you come across this individual, either in person or on the net, do not attempt to engage him in conversation, this is a very shrewd and sinister person. Several IBOs (and ABOs) have made this mistake and became disoriented, causing their business and profits to suffer.

Instead, we are asking everyone to please forward all leads to our office in Ada, MI USA where they will be handled by one of our operatives who have been specially trained in counter mind control techniques.

Thank you. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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I have heard you might find the one you are looking for in a bar dancing with a man.
ss3251 Wrote:I have heard you might find the one you are looking for in a bar dancing with a man.

Thank you for this lead, however, after interviewing said individual, it was confirmed by one of our operatives he was not the party in question. Cool
Ros, you are something extra, this was funny!! :lol: :rotfl:
I still read through this for a good laugh. You guys are hilarious! :lol:
I've attempted a few times to retire from following and commenting on this site, as Wearyeyed did, because I had a challenge with time management and procrastination. However, I can't do it for fear of missing gems like Ros's comments on this thread. Christian author John Ortberg writes that the first spiritual discipline is experiencing joy. :clap: :yahoo:

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