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There's nothing like knowing what you're talking about
$1 billion is 10% of $7.1 billion?

That's odd to make such a glaring mistake, when visually, without a calculator, you just move the decimal point over and would see that 10% of $7.1 Billion is $710 million.

I guess the other $390 million is just pocket change to Gina/Anna and not worth mentioning? :dontknow: Big Grin
Amway critics and their ignorance .... the gift that just keeps on giving ....

JoeCool Wrote:Isn't if funny how Amway now only releases worldwide sales figures instead of by individual markets?

Amway has *never* released sales figures by individual markets. Some markets have independently released sales data, and that has happened again this year with at least Amway India and Amway Romania and in the past with Quixtar.

Not releasing Quixtar data is in fact more inline with what Amway has always done.

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