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Virgin to AMWAY wants to learn the ropes ASAP
Heya fellow amwayer's

Just want to get some hot tips on how to kick start this too good to be true business opportuinty.

Any tips and strategies will be very much appreciated Smile

Hutchy, I would suggest you call your sponsor or upline Platinum. It is in their best interests to help you.
Hey there AMWAY VIRGIN. I just wanted to start by saying hello. This is my first post and as such I too am new to arrive in the Amway legacy.

I am writing in response to your post to help you. I believe that not all members are given the appropriate upline-downline relationship and this may dissuade you from becoming successful.

I have been having difficulty dealing with all of the huff and puff of negative conotation online regarding Amway and it's IBOs. My advise regarding the negativity you will come across online is to ignore it.

Look for the wall of IBO leaders at the Amway headquarters and tell me that this system does not work.
Take a look at the videos of the Platinum recognigtion events.
Take a look at achievemagazine.com

If you are looking for pointers on how to get started and to start kicking butt listen to my words of advise. I'm in this thing less than 30 days and I hit my 50/150.

1. Take baby steps to get started. The products are not going anywhere. Find yourself a good solid customer base at hit your 50/150 first.

2. After you hit your 50/150 find two more people in your CIRCLE and introduce the plan to them. Don't over explain!!! This is not your job. Just introduce them to the plan and explain to them that YOU ARE A BUSINESS OWNER and you want to help them BECOME A BUSINESS OWNER. Emphasize that they are in business for themselves, but never by themselves

3. Log in to the Amway site and check out your resources tab. There is a lot of great information. LEARNING CENTER I cannot emphasize this enough. Hit that biznezz up mayne! The more you know the more you will GO!

P.S. Youtube.com search for "the best investment ever" share it with your potential prospects, you won't regret it. Good Luck.

Illuminated Daydreams
Shining some light on your Dreams since 2013!
While Daydreams mentioned some solid points, it would be best to create a solid relationship with your closest active growing upline and ask them that question. Then they can get to know you and your situation better than any anonymous source online ever could. Focus on growing with them as they have a financial vested interest in your success. Any crossline tips (which is what this thread is), while helpful in some scenarios, may not meet your needs based on your current situation. I could give you a huge amount of information. But if it messes you up - it doesn't impact me financially. It impacts you. Thats why you want to counsel with your upline mentors. You know they will give you the best feedback for you because if they give you bad information and it messes you up, it also hurts them. So they will be very careful in the advice they give.

Just some thoughts on how I've been taught.

Best wishes!

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