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Some thoughts
Just doing some looking around on the net search engines for different topics, and notice that there are fewer critic sites and blogs.

The ones I did look at seem less angry and most posts are old. A good sign??
It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things. --Roosevelt
Yeah I have no doubt.

Our group had a conference call last night for a webtour (overview of what our business model is) and Bill Hawkins was doing it. He mentioned that the just got a few numbers in at the board he sits on and Amway membership was up 13%. So, it actually surprises me that those sites aren't getting hit more. Fine by me though.

The information is going to become even less applicable now and so outdated when you compare it to what the corporation is doing within the next year. Already they've shifted PV/BV to retail profit, which will help new people become even more profitable. You'll get more products for less and sell them at a slightly lower price thus sell even more! And then with the new bonuses they just threw out for new people, you could easily make $500 in your first three months.

When people make money in a business model like we have I'm hoping it'll be harder for evil LOAs to rip off trusting people. Hoping. We all know it'll happen though.
This is a comparison of google searches over time for Amway (blue), Quixtar (red), and Amway Global (gold) for the United States


You can play with the stats yourself using Google Trends

The Quixtar stats are dropping off substantially but it would appear there is a significant growth in interest in Amway.
I'm guessing that in the past many of the folk who searched for Quixtar also searched for Amway (and vice versa) so it's not all just a matter of folk switching what they're searching for.

Also interesting to note that "Amway Global" searches are trivial, so if anyone hoped that would help avoid the negative Amway sites - sorry, not much!

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