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New WWDB Amway Diamonds - Dean and Marcie Whalen
It's now official, Dean and Marcie Whalen in Edmonton, Alberta are now Diamonds in the World Wide Dreambuilders LOA in the Amway business.

I believe it's been 6-7 years since WWDB has had a new Diamond and this is pretty awesome news. Word on the street is in a year and with their current business they will be founders Diamonds next year this time. They would be the first to do that since Brad and Julie Duncan went Founders Diamond.

The lid has been lifted... Go and Grow!
well done Dean and Marcie!
Congrats to Dean and Marcie and their team!
BTW, It's hard to determine who achieved Founders Diamond in their same year as achieving Diamond, since the Founders recognition hasn't been around that long--since 1991, 2 years after Brad and Julie (and many years after lots of other folks) achieved Diamond.

And a Founders Diamond can be achieved by having 8 FAA credits or six 12-month Platinum legs.

So Dean and Marcie could achieve Founders Diamond by having six Platinum qualified legs for 12 months, or a combination of Q-12 Platinum (each worth 1 credit), Emerald (each worth 1.5 credits), Diamond (3 credits) legs totalling 8 credits.

Given how solid Dean and Marcie's business is, and the heightened belief of those in their business, Dean and Marcie could sail right by Founders Diamond and achieve EDC (10 FAA credits) if two of their Q-12 legs go Diamond, or if one goes Diamond, and 4 go Emerald.


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