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I was raised an AmKid

My name is Yosef Karo and I was born and raised my first 15 years in Amway. I'm a big believer in the Amway opportunity, however, like everything in life, I don't know if Amway is for everyone. I'm totally not a social person and I believe that one must have basic social skills to build an Amway business. That is, I'm not social in real life. On the internet, I'm quite a different person. So I had been looking for an opportunity similar to Amway that could be built entirely online and I finally found it. But before I go all out in it, I just wanted to check in on an Amway forum and ask about how Amway is doing online. So, can Amway now be built entirely online and our there free training material, etc. online?


P.S. I couldn't post with google Chrome on Windows 7...had to use FireFox.
Yes, you can do Amway entirely online if you wish. Of course, like every other "entirely online" program out there you'll have to work much much harder for any decent results.

I've been posting on this forum for years with Chrome on Windows 7, and now Windows 8, what error are you getting.

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