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Business In Sweden
How are all of you doing? I live in the United States and have a prospect who wants to get started in business who is from Sweden but here on a S1 student Visa and cant start a business in the USA. So we are going to get him started in Sweden since most of his friends and family are from there anyways but my question is can anyone give me some info on how the Sweden business works? Do they have open meetings and stuff like we do here in the USA? Any help would be great. I'm new on here but from what Ive read so far yall have a lot of knowledge. Thanks.

Well, of course we have open plans in Sweden also, and the biggest LOA is Network 21. (I believe BWW is in Sweden also)
It depends where in Sweden he lives, how near it is to open plans,(every week), BBS (Business Building Seminar, 8 times /year) and WES (Weekend Seminar, 3 times/year) so on. (Exactly as N21 does around the world!)
Sweden is a contry with a lot of "open space" ... Wink

If he is Swede, it is no problem to start right ahead, you only need to find a sponsor.
I guess you would like to Internationally sponsor him!
Pleae let us knew where he lives, and we could guide you more!


The best way is to sign him in here in Sweden with you as an international sponsor. Then, when the first person sign's up at your place - you write him as an international sponsor on that application.

N21 have "Open plan" every week in a lot of cities here in Sweden, besides that it's also some unofficial "Open's" going on in other cities that don't have enough numbers of visitors for N21 to take over.

If I remember right, it's aprox. 17.000 ABO's in Sweden so we are not alone. But it's plenty of space for growth as a lot of people don't know about Amway and this business (It's has been up and running for 9 years now). I myself lives in Örebro with business in the "Mälardalen area" and also have some business down in south part of Sweden (Lund).

Best Regards
Yes, the above advice is correct. You can internationally sponsor him in Sweden and then he can internationally sponsor himself back in the US downline of you. For the latter you need to speak to Amway Global about ways of handling it to account for Visa rules.

If you're with N21 or BWW speak to your upline, they may already have a business in Sweden you can plug him into. If you don't then you can contact Amway sweden, or you've 3 choices here Smile
Of course it´s neary the same system in Sweden. Most people here in Sweden works with N21 I believe. I live in the westcoast (Near Gothenburg) of Sweden and have my buisness mostly around there. But I´m also plugged in to a N21 Network in the US, maybe you can plug in your prospect like that also. If you are interested to know that, let me know. Al luck to you..... :good:
ARE YOU SURE HE IS NOT IRISH????? :grin: :grin: :grin:
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outtaluck RW1 - but don't worry, so's the rest of us ... he's with BWW so I've directed him to the BWW office in Sweden. :grin:
in finn have n21 and bww anythinh else?
Hi deedy,

I hope you don't mind but I deleted the multiple posts on the same topic. N21 is big in Sweden, lots of Diamonds, less so in Finland but growing fast, one Diamond is from Åland half way between Sweden and Finland, so he's growing in both countries. BWW is also in Sweden with one Diamond (retired). Finland I think has two Yager Internet Diamonds, but I suspect there's some Schwarz platinums and above there too.

What are you looking for?

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