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Interesting weekend with the Trolls
Huh Over this last weekend I thought I would do some reading through the various anti-Amway blogs just to get a feel for whatever is the problem with these people. I must say I was quite surprised at the reactions I got.

The first one started on the Anna Banana blog where a blog administrator who went by the name of "anonymous" got upset when I asked why he was anonymous instead of having an identifyable name! The answer I got said he was "helping" because Anna B was away. This despite the fact she had just posted the latest piece of her unique prose about an hour earlier! I then found out on a reply to someone else that I was banned! No reply to me directly, just a third-hand remark. Oh well I suppose that demonstrates the mentality of that particular blog.

The second incident occurred on the "Dream or the Scheme" blog run by some guy called Joecool! On this blog there is a long running story as to the identity of Joecool. Is he "Steve Nakamura" or is he some one else?? (Frankly who cares! he sounds like a nobody!) Anyway, earlier in the week I had sent an email directly to Joecool and when he replied his email address bar contained the name "Steve Nakamura" Odd! So on the blog I asked to to confirm or deny he was this very same person. Bottom line...I got banned or at least asked to stay on topic..whatever the topic was I forget!

There is a third person I asked for some information from and I am still waiting for an answer. That person is the so called English author David Brear. I asked him to let me know some of the titles of any books he had written but I think he is having trouble recalling them!

The one thing I did pick up was the curious reply at the end of "How Many Ambots Can You Stuff in a Tent?" The rambling style and disjointed nature of it reminded me of the writings (ramblings) of David Brear. Could he and Anna Banana's blog administrator be the same person? Hmmm!

So my conclusion in trying to communicate in a rational fashion with some of these bloggers has been met with a close down, denials and silence. I could add a lot more thoughts to what I've written already but it might be interesting to hear what some of you guys have to say!

I just went over to MTAA and read the "anonymous"/"blog administrator" post, and it's definitely David Brear with his usual BS about Amway UK.

BERR makes accusations against Amway and tries to get them closed down. They lose. They appeal. They lose.

Brear reckons "At no stage did either the UK High Court or the UK Appeal Court decide that 'Amway UK Ltd.' had not been breaking the law or that the UK government's case was groundless."

Right. So no sanctions, no fines, no closure. Some acceptance of some changes, but say they would have dismissed the case anyway.

Guilty as charged, your honour!

Good grief.
Brear tends to ban anyone who disagrees with him.

How do you feel, Tony, being fake and all?
(2012-08-28, 12:15 PM)ibofightback Wrote: Brear tends to ban anyone who disagrees with him.

How do you feel, Tony, being fake and all?

It's a whole new experience!!!
I find the way these guys flock together fascinating.

Brear is obviously a fruit loop yet people like Rhodes and Nakamura adore him simply because he's an anti-mlm zealot.
Ignore them! They just want to be noticed.
Yeah - you guys should all be thankful that *some* critics stepped forward. There's been a LOT of great changes that have been made since the, um, low points of the '80's and '90's ;-)

You're welcome.

Public Enemy #1

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