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Poll: The following statement best describes Amway's Nutrilite weight-management supplements
They work exactly as described.
They MAY help, should only supplement an already tailored lifestyle. Use intermittently--don't hold your expectations too high though.
Stay away. Not as reliable as their vitamin supplements.
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Carb Blocker 2 and other weight-related supplements
Any testimonials from you or your customers on the success of carb blocker? For those of you that know the science, does it make sense?

I'm not eating a bunch of cakes and slurpees every day, my diet is already low-carb....so when I occasionally do have that pizza, or that icecream dessert at a birthday dinner, if I pop the 3 pills right before eating, will they help reduce on the carb calories?

This is mostly about carb blocker 2 but I'm curious about experiences with the other stuff like slimmetry too.

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