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Jan Severn
I would please like to direct this message to Dave Severn. I know alot of people will read this and that's okay, I don't know of any other way to reach you Dave.

You may not remember me. My name is Linda Landis Donley. I was Linda Landis from Boise, Idaho. Not many people forget a 4'10" blond. Anyway, that's the comment I've endured through the years. I used to be in the business associated with Dan and Stacie Bofenkamp in Ontario, Oregon. Bruce and Margo White were associated also at that time.

I have just a few minutes ago (through the internet) learned about Jan's passing and I'm devasted as I just loved her so much. I've been living in the Denver area for the past 27 years and was not in the business but I have Never forgotten you and Jan. The both of you made such a positive influence on my life and there have been times that influence have pulled me through some rough issues. I remember product pickup at your house on Harrison Blvd and Jan's sweet smile. I'm going to start smiling more...again, just for her. I have several photos of Jan and I together at various functions. I never thought those things could mean so much. I still have them somewhere.

My husband and I live in Eltopia, WA. No one seems to know where that is. Eltopia is an unicorporated community 17 miles north of the tricities, Pasco, Kennewick and Richland. My husband's brother lives in Spokane. My husband and I met on eHarmony three years ago.

My husband is a driver/trainer for Crete Carrier Corp.and is home 4 days a month. He is always talking about how he would love to find something to do that will get him home with me. And..naturally, you know, the business goes through my mind because I know where the bear crosses the creek in that respect. Since I now live in WA something in me went searching for those sweet people I knew so long ago. One of those sweet people would be, of course, Jan. God Bless her.

I so hope this message somehow reaches you as I want you to know how much I loved her and still do..and I want to thank you for those steely eyes of yours that starred back at me during those plans...I've never forgotten that spirit...it changed my life.

The dream truly does live on even if sometimes in our misteps it seems to disappear or take a back seat. I believe it never goes away. It just simmers.

Thank you for being the married couple that you were as it has helped me be the wife I know how to be. I never would have known it had it not been for you and Jan in particular. Don't know why...it just is that way.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

God bless you.

Linda Landis Donley
Eltopia, Washington


Sorry for the delay in reply I only just saw this message. I believe your message is being passed on to Dave.
(2012-07-07, 10:17 AM)ibofightback Wrote: Linda,

Sorry for the delay in reply I only just saw this message. I believe your message is being passed on to Dave.


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