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Ban on Amway in India
The Hindu reports:
Quote:Date:17/09/2008 URL: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.thehindu.com/2008/09/17/stories/2008091754250400.htm">http://www.thehindu.com/2008/09/17/stor ... 250400.htm</a><!-- m -->
HYDERABAD: The Andhra Pradesh government has imposed a ban on Amway India Enterprises, a multi-level market agency, restraining it from publishing any material or advertisements connected with any prize chit or money circulation scheme. The government invoked the provisions of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act 1978 to issue the order.The government decision comes in the wake of the police completing the investigation and filing of charge-sheet in the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Hyderabad

Does anybody have any further information on what this ban really includes?
Is Amway India still operating business as usual?
Has it ceased all together?
Are IBOs restricted from sponsoring?
Is Amway not allowed to advertise publicly?
Is there a court date set to deal with the charge-sheet?
Is this a permanent ban?

There has been very limited information regarding this situation and the Alticor/Amway Blogs have not-surprisingly been silent.

I am surprised IBOFB has been so silent on this.
Do you have any inside info on this IBOFB?
Or, are you as in the dark about this case as we are?

Does anybody in India or with business in India have any further information to share?

:confused: :confused: :confused:
There's an ongoing court case, which means innocent until proven guilty, but some folks in one state of India who have apparently been indoctrinated in the Robert FitPatrick/Jon Taylor school of MLM have taken it upon themselves to decide that a court case alone means "guilty" and have banned Amway from advertising. Amway has TV and newspaper ads throughout India, AFAIK that advertising, not the Amway business per se, has been banned, and just in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Amway has, quite rightly, challenged this ban and I'm told a judgement quashing the ban is likely this week.

I've been planning on writing a post for a long time and have been trying to collect all the source materials related to the case. There's an awful lot to read, and frankly it's pretty damn bizarre and difficult to understand. More politics going on than law I suspect. I'm told there's likely to be more news this week, I'll try to do a full post then.
Hi all,
This is my first comment at amway talk. I generally don't search about amway on net because of all negative article. IBOFB doing a great work. But we don't even know about this ban in Andhra. I think it completetly ok now as all N21 functions in nov are going as per schedule. Between Amway is doing great in India. After the reduced cost of joining( from Rs 4400 to Rs 995) there is a storm. The latest Nov-dec Amagram is having the biggest recognition ever. 6 diamonds and above, 20 emeralds and more than 100 platinums. The amwaywiki is not Updated.
The latest recognition is --
Bindu & Sajeev Nair - Double Diamond
Rashmi & Sushil Pachnanda - Executive Diamond
Rajveer Singh - Executive Diamond ( from emerald to executive diamond)
Prem & Geeta Pillay - Founders Diamond ( Diamond and Founders diamond in same year)


- nabs
The Purpose of life is a life of purpose
Thanks for the update Nabs. The ban is only on Amway India press advertisements, the business isn't banned.

With regard to AmwayWiki, the only way it gets updated is if folk like you update it!

Sooo ... please register an account and update it !!! :clapping:
Pin levels are breaking left and right now ... in fact in the latest Amagram [july - aug '09] there are more than 200 silvers...

Amway is in a big PR push regarding India.

I believe I read in the local (Grand Rapids Michigan USA) paper that Amway recently had many members of the Indian press on a tour in Ada. Plus, they have sponsored Indian sports teams/events, annouced new building projects and charity events.

All of this while the trouble in India was going on.

It tells me that they are trying to establish themselves as a good citizen and let the Indian government know that they are not fly by night and are there for the long run.

If I get a chance today I will find the articles from the local paper.
The Amway Media Blog did a post a couple of days ago mentioning this...

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://mediablog.amway.com/2009/07/26/power-of-the-press-visit/">http://mediablog.amway.com/2009/07/26/p ... ess-visit/</a><!-- m -->

Power of the press (visit)
Published by Corporate Communications on Sunday, July 26, 2009.

Each year Amway opens its doors to about a dozen groups of journalists from our markets all over the world. We also host individual media who visit our world headquarters in Ada, Michigan.

Media get behind-the-scenes tours of our manufacturing facilities, access to our leaders and experts, and the opportunity to ask whatever they want about our company, business opportunity, and products. These journalists run the gamut from managing editors to television reporters to business writers.

Case in point: A tale of two visits this month. A week or so ago we hosted 12 high-level journalists from some of India’s most influential media. They spent time with Amway chairman Steve Van Andel and other top execs to understand the company’s history and vision. Stories already have appeared in media like The Telegraph, India Retailing and The Economic Times about the future of Amway in India. There’s more coverage to come.

Meanwhile, our local Fox TV affiliate spent time touring our cosmetics facility to get the scoop on how ARTISTRY cosmetics and skin care are developed. The coverage aired locally and is viewable online. (Click on the “Amway’s Artistry Plant [#1-4] 7.22.09″ segments).

Both are examples of how we invite journalists in to learn about our business and products. We host these visits not just to encourage news coverage but to help journalists understand our business and accurately cover us. They ask us tough questions and get candid answers. And in just a few days they can see our facilities, hear from our scientists and experts, and get access to company leaders who may not travel often to their home countries. We can’t bring our mile-long manufacturing facility to Makati, but we can bring Filipino journalists to Ada. And we will later this year, along with media from Japan, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine.

So, we roll out the welcome mat for journalists—or the maligayang pagdating banig, as the case may be.

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