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Hello friends Jeet and Paris from UK
Hi Friends

This is Jeet and Paris from UK. We have been in the business since 2008 but made our decision to do the business and give it our all since the beginning of the year. We were blessed to be introduced to the business by our dear best friends Mark and Kiran Khutan who are now Platinum. They have been our driving force to do the business as they are just like us. A young couple with a baby and one one the way.

We do belive that inorder to make this business work your compelling reason needs to be strong.... your why. We have faced many challenges whilst in the business but we have kept going. Once you get that momentum just keep going. Dont slow down. Our diamond uplines Nick and Parul Soni always say that a plane takes more fuel when taking off. Once in the sky that stabalises. Similary this business takes a lot of energy when your just starting... once you have the momentum you just glide along..if you slow down again you expel more energy...

2-4 years as opposed to 40 is all it takes. The best decision we made.

Good luck and Success to all

Jeet and Paris Karia Wink[/font]

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