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help me please. im the international student with F1 visa that want to do Amway.
so my question is if you are a student with f1 visa, can you still do Amway.
i already called Amway customer service and some of them said Yes, some said No, and some told me to check with different source. I researched in the Internet and still there is no obvious answer.

I heard that lots of Diamond were used to be in F1 visa too when they got started. so anyone have an answer for me?

thanks alot
I've been researching it and you're right, it appears there is no obvious answer, the laws don't really seem to address it clearly.

It seems (and I'm not an immigration lawyer), that you're fine to register with Amway (or form any other business) but you're not supposed to work at it and earn an income unless you get an OPT (optional practical training) permission, which apparently you can get as "self-employed".

Other advice suggests as long as the income is relatively small and you pay your taxes, then USCIS is not concerned.

Arguably, but it never seems to have been clarified in court, bonuses on downline volume may be classified as not being "earned income" so not count as employment income, so only retail sales income is in question.

A mess!

You might want to speak to your school and check about a "self-employed" OPT just to be safe.
i read somewhere its say because the law does not mention about this issues. so you can do it.
i mean for International student with f1 visa, you are not allowed to go to work for somebody. And as an IBO, we dont work for anybody. And yes to me the bonus is nothing like a payment from an employer. What do you think?
Many laws aren't really clear and don't get clarified until someone takes it to court. There's A LOT of people with questions in this area, with many people for example having blogs and earning Google Adsense income.

I'm struggling to find the actual law for F1 visas, but the USCIS website clearly states you can work for a business on campus providing services to students, and this doesn't need to be registered anywhere. So I don't think there's any question you can run an Amway business and market your products and business to fellow students on campus, as long as you spend less than 20hrs/wk on it during semester.

Where it gets messy is off-campus, showing plans or selling products. Technically it looks like you might need the OPT for that, but there's nothing I can see stopping non-visa downline (or upline) doing it for you and you earning income from it.

From reading around I'd recommend that you don't keep your Amway ID on your person though, especially if travelling, as a clueless immigration officer might mistakenly believe it to be an employer ID card, which can cause trouble even if it eventually gets cleared up.

Again, I'm not an immigration lawyer, if you have real concerns you really need to talk to one.

Best link I've found on this is -

Murky F-1 Employment Questions

I think law will not be problem for this kind of works.
Thank you for the info. I am a Korean student on a F1 Visa. I love Amway business. I see a lot of negative people, who use this and discourage students. Some university people threaten me saying it is illegal. I stood to them and told that it is nobody's business but me to do Amway. Also if someone join Amway, and they don't want to sell and they want to use partner stores products (like Apple), why is it a problem? How can that be considered self-employment? I was depressed about the lies spread by negative people and this is the latest they are spreading. That is when I found this forum. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to find this forum. There are a lot of immigration lawyers who don't understand that Amway has different levels of participation, and people join Amway for many reasons. They don't understand the technical details of Amway business, and they don't want to understand. Not all of the reasons to join Amway can be considered self-employment. I will post what ever I can find about this. I am sure that F1 students can do Amway, whatever "do" means. Thank you all again.
I found this link: http://blog.immigration-america.com/archives/571

It states "There is no specific law or regulation which would prevent a F-1 or J-1 student who is in legal valid non-immigrant student status from starting up his or her own business."

I came across this very interesting article:

I am so proud of these young adults, taking charge of their future and not complaining, despite the efforts by states like Arizona, to deprive them of their rights. Compared to that building Amway, with uplines' help, should be a piece of cake! Winners will always win! Quitters will use anything to quit! Go Amway!

That's some great information sungsook, and busts another myth of the amway critics.

Well done!

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