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Nutrilite Supplement Center (weekly vitamin holder)
Hi All,
This just came out in North America. Do other markets have anything like this?

It's pretty nifty. And has already helped us be more diligent in our supplement-taking.

And, obviously, great advertising in public. Smile

Amway US has a short video how to use it, (though if you load up a whole week's worth, it's less labor intensive than this video would imply, if you don't load up each day individually. Meaning, remove all the sleeves, lay out the inner colorful pieces, open both compartments of each one, load both compartments up, re-sleeve, and move to the next day.)

Each "day" is 4" long.

The "am" compartment is a little bigger than the "pm" side. (Since I take my cal-mag in the evening--bigger pills--my am and pm are reversed.)

I also changed my colors/days, wanting Monday, my first day (since I fill 'em up Sunday night), to be red. And so that the order of them is how I learned the colors of the rainbow (ROY G BIV).

I also have the days moving in a clock-wise order, rather than a counter-clockwise order.


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